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*TOLL-BY-PLATE tolls are billed monthly, plus a $2.50 administrative charge.

Payment Options

Florida Turnpike tolls can be paid in a variety of ways, depending on which portion you are travelling.
1) SunPass
2) Toll-By-Plate
3) Cash

Toll Violation Info

Went thru the toll booth with no change? No problem, you can take care of that.
If you are a SunPass account holder, please call 888-865-5352.
Not a SunPass account holder? You can mail your payment in to the Florida Turnpike.

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Weekly Construction Updates

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Your Toll along with a list of Turnpike Toll Plaza(s) will be listed under the 'Toll Calculator' tab.

You may also change your Payment Type and Axle Count which will affect your final toll amount.

This Toll Calculator only reflects tolls on Turnpike Facilities and does not include tolls from other facilities (such as CFX, THEA, or MDX).

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Toll rates effective as of July 1, 2015
Please note that the toll values shown in this application are the same as the toll rates displayed at each respective toll collection location on the Turnpike system, which are shown via roadway signs and toll tickets. In the unlikely event that there is a discrepancy between the toll rates shown in this application and those displayed at the toll collection locations, those shown at the toll collection locations are the official toll rates on the Turnpike system facilities.