Ocean Blue Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

One-on-One Meetings

In addition to the forum, the Turnpike will also accommodate "one-on-one" meetings to discuss forum subjects or ideas with prospective private partners or teams. Under the present schedule, the "one-on-one" meetings will be held after the forum on Monday, November 18, 2013, in the afternoon.

It is anticipated that interest in the "one-on-one" meetings will be substantial, while the time available will be limited. Therefore, the Turnpike will screen all requests for "one-on-one" meetings to determine the best use of the limited time. If you would like to request a "one-on-one" meeting, please complete the interactive information box below. When your request is received, Turnpike staff will contact you.

The deadline for submitting a "one-on-one" meeting request will be 5:00 PM EST Day, Date.

Each participant in a "one-on-one" meeting will be required to sign the waiver that can be printed by clicking here. Please print a hard copy of the waiver, sign it, and bring it with you to the "one-on-one" meeting. <%@ Language=VBScript %>

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